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The Pepwave Max BR1 Pro 5G is perfect for RVers and travelers looking to use cellular data and campground WiFi to stay connected on the road. You can load up to 2 Nano SIM cards into this router from multiple carriers and select which SIM card and carrier to use. You can also use it to connect to campground WiFi when needed. This router will turn your cellular signal and the local campground WiFi into a secure WiFi network of your own, right inside your RV. The BR1 Pro 5G Router includes:


  • Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G Router
  • 1x Molex (4-pin) to AC Wall-Style Power Supply
  • 1x 12V Molex 4-Pin to Cigarette-Style Power Supply
  • 1x GPS Antenna
  • 2x WiFi Antennas
  • 4x 5dBi LTE/5G Antennas
  • One free year of Prime Care from Pepwave
  • FREE TechnoRV Learning Series for Pepwave Routers
  • FREE TechnoRV Customer Support
  • Lease ou sell plus a monthly payment for data services
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